We provide intelligence for Your supply chain.

Ensure quality, security and efficiency. Real-time. Transparent. Globally. End-to-end.

Supply chain visibility in real-time

Prevent deficit. Protect valuables. Increase profits.


Monitor temperature, humidity, shock and fall in real-time


Protect your assets and confidential materials


Better visibility and profitability


Situational awareness – stay ahead of competitors

4TS is awarded a ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Highest user requirements are met with quality

4TS Corporation

We ensure the quality and security of your assets throughout the supply chain. You will know in real-time where the assets are and what are the conditions they are in. An immediate alert is given if condition ranges are exceeded or security is breached. This way you are able to be proactive to avoid deficit. Your supply chain efficiency and profitability can also take the next step with the data and analytics available from the service. 4TS team is a fine example of Finnish innovativeness, professionalism and reliability. Our team is experienced in developing world class technology and services.

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